Blender 2.57b doesn't start under Windows 7


My problem is as stated above.
Either the self-extracting version as the .zip version give me the same result.

Has this occurred to anybody besides me?


what messeages do you get?
i’ve got blender 2.57 and windows 7 x64 and running it without any problem

First I see the ‘DOS window’ for a short while. What strikes me here is that there doesn’t apear any text inside as I was used to see from Python.
Second a Windows-message box saying: ‘Blender has stopped working’

That’s it and gone …

I know what happened, it happened to me too, the only way to fix it is to completely CLEAR blender from your computer (you can keep blend files) You have to go through your application tab and remove that part of blender too, then redownload and it will be fixed!

Thank you, but what is my application tab?

its under your C drive, it should say instead of Program Files, Applications. Under the Applications folder in the C drive, blender has a lot of information, so make sure to just delete the blender folder that is in there (after uninstalling blender of course)

The only applications folder I find is under C:\users’my name’\appdata\local<b>applications, which is empty.
I deleted C:\users’my name’\appdata\roaming<b>Blender Foundation, wich was empty as well. I think the self-extractor version left it there.

Btw, I noticed that the self-extractor version is registering itself while the .zip version doesn’t - the latter portable so to speek.

I ‘did’ a registery clean-up, rebooted, but the .zip version still doesn’t like me.

Strange though I see nothing happening in the DOS window.

yeah appdata is the one, try the self install are you 64 bit or 32? if your 64 try running the 32 bit version on your 64 bit system, 64 bit systems basically just handle ram better, and there isnt much difference, I personally use the 32 even when on a 64 bit system

I would say try installing blender to a directory you choose, such as your desktop in a specific folder, and then just run it from there, thats what im doing with cycles right now while i use blender installed into the correct location

I’m 32 bit, but no go.
Realy pissed off.
Thanks man.

dang, well, if anything, post your problem directly on Im sure ton wouldnt mind helping you.

Try running blender as an Administrator. Doing this has sorted other issues.

Does not work Richard, thanks.

Do you have python installed?

No, as far as I remember with previous versions, it was running ‘happely’ without doing so.