Blender 2.57B Softbody and Cloth Simulation

Created with Blender 2.57b. testing Softbody and Cloth Simulator.
The model mesh is from the great team over at the Makehuman Project

Video Here :

wow, so is the entire outfit a single cloth simulation? (and i’m guessing her ahem chest is the softbody?)

i did a project this spring using the 2.5 series that involved dynamic clothing on characters. I had much more trouble with intersections that what is appearing here; i had to break up my clothing mesh to isolate just the parts that where the dynamics would be most visible (like the forearm cuffs on your character) and only simulate those parts to achieve any sort of decent simulation (the other parts of the outfit would just be driven by the armature).

any tips on how to get these nice results?

Nice test.

Thanks. Believe me it took me two weeks to figure this much out. These are the steps I used.
First: Bake the model Modifier Stack -> Armature / Collision / Soft-body (in all the right places)
Second: Bake Underwear mesh: Stack -> Armature / Collision / Cloth / Shrink Wrap (Keep Above Surface checked)
Third: Bake Blouse/Skirt same as Underwear except shrink wrap only the breast, underarms and top of the arms.
Forth: Cross your fingers.

I hope this helps. If you can improve on this method, please let me know. I plan to do another one this weekend and plan to add hair into the mix.

So here’s a question… How do you include hair in the baking pipeline?