Blender 2.57b viewport rendering problem

First of all: Hey there! :slight_smile: That’s my firts post on this forum, but hopefully not my last.

I started learning the Blender basics with version 2.49b, then paused working with Blender for a few months and have just started learning 2.5 now.

But I was facing a problem in 2.57b and in 2.57a also: i divided my viewport into top/front/right and camera-view (not with the “toggle quad view” option). So when I press F12, it should render the currently active viewport (normaly the one where the cursor is in), but it ALWAYS renders the right-view , even if the cursor is in the front or top view one. Just one time it rendered top-view, but i really wanted it to render side-view… :confused:

What’s happening? Could it have something to do with me setting up my PC new a few days ago and installing a Radeon Sapphire 4870HD 1GB instead of the shitty GeForce 9400GT i had before…dunno.

Help very much appreciated, guys! :wink:

When you press the render button it renders the view through the camera. The openGL render viewport button on the header bar renders the view from that window. This is not the same as the normal render button (or F12 key)

That’s another thing i forgot to mention in my opening post: clicking the OpenGL render viewport button on the header bar doesn’t work either! I click on the button for top view, it still renders the side view…

But thanks for answering so quick :slight_smile:

edit: here’s the link to a .blend-file where that happens:

i can do what i want, on my computer it always just renders sideview…

man, i’m so stupid: it actually does render the view i want, it just output’s it in right-view window! don’t know why that is though, why it doesn’t output it in the viewport i wanted to have rendered, would be not so confusing… :smiley:

It is usually A good idea to have it render to another window. Atleast I like it that way. Give more freedom to see what is happening under there.And doesn’t really get in the way either. Also, it would get rid of the confusion for you later :wink: