Blender 2.58 export Apple Pro Res 4444?

Hi, I just upgraded to 2.58… And I do not see a way to export a QT movie with Apple Pro Res 4444. I know I can choose “Animation” but I’d rather just export straight to the format I need… which is 4444 because it supports alpha… In the previous versions of Blender I was able to, now I cannot???


anything??? How do I change the codec? I already exported my animation using 2.57, but it would be nice to be able to do with 2.58…

Is 2.58 faster in rendering than 2.57 btw? since it is 64 bit? I did a test where I rendered an image and both took 1.45 minutes…

Don’t render to video codecs, it can cause problems, and if something goes wrong or you need to change a frame, you have to re-render EVERYTHING. Just render to an image sequence, you can use Quicktime Pro or Compressor to easily convert that to PR 4444

Ah, I had never though about that. Yes you are right about re-rendering everything… Accidentally pressing ESC… Cool, thanks. :slight_smile: