Blender 2.58 SUBSTRACT CUT a mesh from another mesh WTF

Hi all,

looking through and through in different forums and search engines, I can’t believe there’s -nothing- about this issue, anywhere, for version 2.5.

I need to perform some very “common” and “basic” operations with two meshes, which you could perform with “boolean” operations in 2.49.
In 2.5 and up there’s no way to perform these, apparently.

How on earth do you substract two meshes? How do you access boolean operations in 2.58? Is actually -anybody- using 2.58 out there?


Like in 2.49 you can use a Boolean modifier
Wiki entry:

Can’t tell if serious…

As Richard Marklew pointed out, it is done through the modifiers (the blue spanner tab).

  • Right-mouse-select the shape which you want to change (to become the difference, for example)
  • Under the spanner tab, choose to Add Modifier of type “Boolean”
  • In the modifier settings which show up, enter the name of the other Object.
  • Choose Difference, Union or Intersect as the Operation setting.
  • You should also hide the other object, either selecting it with the [H] key or moving it to another layer (the [M] key)
  • When done, you can hit “Apply as Shape” to implement the change permanently.

Thanks a lot.