Blender 2.58 UV Editor Problems

I have had consistent problems with the UV editor in 2.5 since the first alpha release. Specifically, difficulty creating new image files or opening an existing image supposedly already assigned to mapped geometry. The majority of the time, I have to toggle the “Display current image regardless of object selection” button before Blender will create a new image or allow an existing image to be opened. The problem has actually become worse with 2.58 as Blender is assigning images to the wrong UV Texture layers when I can get it to open image textures at all. I’m curious if this is a common problem or just me? :confused:
I’m using Blender on a Mac PPC standard machine…

I somehow recognize this problem.
For me Blender is doing nothing when I want to create a new image and confirm by pressing Enter on my keyboard.
When i click on OK, however, everything works fine.

I somewhere read about that behaviour, but couldn’t find a related entry in the bugtracker. Maybe we should report it.

I think at least part of my problem is that I’m using Blender on a Mac. As for reporting this as a bug, I’ll pass. I think I’ll just stop using Blender for a while, at least until the next release. Maybe the problem will be corrected by then.

How do you expect them to fix a bug they don’t know about? That what bug reporting is for.

Are you sure it is not something to do with your graphics drivers and the settings for how your window draws? I used to have some issues with everything in my pop ups and image painting until I changed the drawing from default Automatic to Full , and I had tried the other options as well. It seems to me that maybe you are fighting that instead of it being the UV image editor itself. And as for bug reporting - if it is a bug, it would be nice if it did get reported so that others could benefit from your spotting it.

This is not the kind of problem I can take a screenshot of or save as a .blend file. And if you’ve ever used the bug tracker, you know they want those screenshots or renders. Also, based on the responses I’ve gotten since posting this, it isn’t a common problem which I figured was probably going to be the case. I’m using not just a Mac but a Mac PPC. Software that is primarily written for Windows and just ported to Macs are notorious for being buggy not to mention the fact that software for the PPC is being slowly phased out thanks to Apple’s insatiable greed…bottom line, unless this is accidentally corrected or I’m able to find a couple of thousand for new hardware, I’m screwed.

I’ll change the draw settings to full and do some testing today to see if that corrects the problem. Thanks for that suggestion.

Hope you find a fix - I had a PPC for awhile, and it was a good computer even though the one I had only had a cd rom instead of a burner.

The PPC’s are good hardware. The one I have was given to me used (after my PC died) but has worked like new. Sadly, it’s usefulness has been undermined by corporate greed. I’m in the process of testing out your fix suggestion. If It’s successful, I will post an update here later.

Changing draw from auto to Full did indeed make a difference. I’ve tested the UV editor out thoroughly today and I’m not having the same trouble creating or importing images for UV mapping. Thanks for the help…:slight_smile: