blender 2.58?

hello, i been apart of the blender community since 2006, and i am SO excited to know that there will be a 2.58 release of Blender :yes: However, WHEN that release will be available remains a mystery. i looked on the development page, and it says that it will be available this month, but i saw that page last month and it said it would be specifically on the 4th of this month, (which has obviously already passed) but i still see NO new release…so my question is: when will Blender 2.58 be released?

As soon as all the bugs they are working on in the tracker are under control, then they usually start looking for opportunity to make a release candidate. It is always like this, so just watch and you will see it come soon.

Meeting minutes from last meeting 6/5/11

Hi all,

Here’s the highlights of today’s IRC meeting

  1. Blender 2.5x progress
  • Ton mentions he had feedback from Matt about need to split up how
    startup.blend now works. Proposal will be coming. (Separate UI layout
    preference from usability preferences, also check on ways how to
    efficiently switch laptop/workstation prefs or tablet prefs)

  • Old tracker reports needs to be handled! Ton will bump reports in
    tracker of > 2 months old.

  • Themes usage is not consistent, Thomas will review where real errors
    are, Ton assists.
    (“Styles” are also not editable yet, involves font draw types mostly)

  • Campbell proposes to go for 2.58 within 4 weeks in any case,
    especially because of the huge list of fixes:

  • Please help updating the above list, if you do fixes!

  • Ton proposes to at least define “2.5 targets” for 2.58 too, like:

    • Keymaps should just work (for add-ons, Maya preset etc)
    • Some level of functional Python notifiers for add-ons
      Campbell checks on Python defined rna_update access for own
      defined properties.
      (And checks with Lux team!)
  • Work on real Python defined editors (areas, regions) will commence,
    but not as 2.58 target.

  1. Other projects, branches
  • Color correction with float buffers painting fix: Brecht reviews patch

  • Mike Erwin: soc-2010-merwin will be cleaned, 3D mouse (ndof devices)
    work is targeted for Siggraph in August.

  • Cycles: some bugfixes happened, start on openCL support. Brecht is
    still tied up with bug fixes and reviews mostly.

  1. GSoC



4 weeks!? aw man i wuld have loved to see the release alot sooner :frowning: guess i’ll have to be patient…thanks for the info everyone :smiley: cheers.

Meanwhile, head over to and get some taste of what is coming your way :slight_smile:

And 2.57b isn’t bad at all anyway, plus the difference between the two will be mostly bug fixing :slight_smile: