Blender 2.59 background image

I am running blender 2.59 with Vista Home Premium, 32 bit and SP2. I have a background image saved as a .jpg file. When I try to load this into blender via the “background images” facility, nothing shows up on the screen. I have tried increasing the size and reloading, but it makes no difference. What am I missing?

Make sure you are in Orthographic view. Toggle between orthographic and perspective views with numpad5

Have you put it in the UV image editor window first? That’s how I do it on 2.58. Looks like 2.59 is the same way. Also make sure it it assigned to the right window view. top, left, right, so on.

I’ve never had to do that with any version of blender

Really? Wow! I’ll have to try it your way. But in the tutorials I’ve done that’s the way they taught it. Who knew LOL :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I’ve discovered what I was doing wrong (or not doing right!); I hadn’t checked the box next to the Background Images label so the panel wasn’t enabled. Now, how do I mark this thread as solved?

Now, how do I mark this thread as solved?
Go to your original(first) post–>edit post–>advanced–>add prefix (solved)–>save post.

i’v change the image with any image .jpg .gif, and i’v check the check box. but nothing at all my background are still not view able. i use python 3.2.2 and blender 2.59,

and when i use blender 2.49 it’s works, my back ground can show on the blender window.but the older version get some error in my pc.

some help please?:(:(:(:eek:

sorry my numpad is different with keyboard numpad i think.i’m using netbook so it’s might be different,

so here if you have the same problem with me, ensure you in the user ortho ( not user presp ) by clicking view -> view presp/ortho ,in the menu it’s show numpad 5 as the short cut, but i think it’s didn’t work in net book

here is the site show me the way thanks young lady it’s helpfull

If i’m not mistaken, you can toggle that option (for laptop/netbook) in the user preferences. Something like “emulate numpad”.