Blender 2.59 Multiple Select in Outliner Problem


I have recently installed Blender 2.59 r39307 and can no longer multiple select objects in the Outliner window by holding down the Shift Key and clicking several items with the left mouse button. Now the selection just changes to the newly clicked object as if the shift key is not held down.

This works fine in 2.58, I would like to know if anyone else can replicate this problem before I raise a bug report.

Many thanks in advance.

Its been reported ( Bug 28240 ) and already fixed at SVN 39386 but no general release yet.

Thank you for the information, that explains why I couldn’t see it in the open bug list,I should have checked the closed bug list, ta.

I know that you marked this as solved, however, here are a few observations using 2.59. You can select multiple objects in the outliner. Two ways to do this.
1.) Right click on the object and then depending on which field has been highlighted in the pop up menu, left click or enter (highlighted field stays the same until you change it).
2.) Hold the shift key down and left click on the icon to the right of the object’s description.

Hope this helps somewhat (I am still learning the new interface so I hope that I got my right and left mouse clicks right!).

Excellent yes thanks for that, I had rolled back to using 2.58 but this does work as described so I might give 2.59 another crack.