Blender 2.59 splash contest

Hello my fellow Blenders!

The day is finally upon us, with a new release comes a new chance for you guys to dazzle the blender community with your artwork.

Update: The Deadline has been pushed back. The new deadline for sending in images is:
August 7th, 2011

Here’s the template:

Please post the final image here as .png file


  • it has to be made entirely in Blender (image textures created in Gimp/Photoshop can be used)

  • keep the title area free, make your picture fit in the given space below

  • don’t use the blender logo

  • don’t use other logos either

  • don’t use suzanne

  • you can use old works, or make completely new ones

  • you can participate with more than one image, but,

  • do not make millions of variations of the same idea,

  • just make a good one

  • it has to look awesome

  • post your works on this thread

  • unicorns optional

  • keep the thread clean, post entries and questions about the competition only

Thanks, and best of luck! =)

The Jury (@hjalti, @BenSimonds and @reynantem) will pick the best/most interesting image.

Good luck everyone!

Edit: Hjalti can’t post links yet. Here are the urls until JW can update the post:


Why not make a singe thread for ALL blender versions, with no deadline and the splash would be picked from the thread every time a new version comes?

Heres 2 of my entries :slight_smile:

Here is my entry:

haven’t done any good job recently so im reposting the old ones i did for 2.57 contest.

Two of these are blender cookie exercises. which I think really represents what blender is about.

And here is mine from my latest film… ‘the woman who married a pig’

Modelisation: annonymous / Textures: dono

Greg, your hall image is absolutely great!

Here is my entry:

Enjoy! And good work on Blender!


My splash :

Here is my entry:

Its about a frog, to lazy to use his tongue, but use technology instead :smiley:

I didnt found any information wether its okay to place links in the image, but i have seen a lot of links in previous splash screens, so i hope its okay. If you want me to, i can of course add a version without.

Here is my entry, made with blender -of course- and gimp for color correction:


Here is my entry:
Free title Area:

I’m no render artist but here’s a splash screen I created out of models from a failed project. Hope you like it and imagine the story behind it. hope you like this screens


why not 2 seconds video splash?
(no one software package has done yet as far as i know)