Blender 2.59 splash contest

Great artwork everyone.I’m humbled just to try.

The ship looks awesome and is something different than other things we’ve seen.It has my vote.

Here is mine:

first time taking part in a competition :slight_smile:

I dig the ship :slight_smile: If i wasn’t so caught up in work I would make one too…
from Russia with love

Andrew, imho in your submissions i like the water the most. But that one is best for when Ocean Sim is in trunk :slight_smile:

he are my six entries

Finally an excuse to do some blenderstuff! Here’s my entry:

And a second one after some hours playing with cycles:

Now putting the “splash” into splashscreen (looks good in different color-combinations, but unfortunately I had to decide for one…):

Another one:

=:-) (would be fun two seconds animated splash)
Yay! My first post!
Actually, I am changed the image. I did the logo in Blender as a plane originally.
This time I added it in Inkscape.
The render is entirely in Blender though.a

:slight_smile: This is my template:

I hope there is no bug… A moderator has to enable my post…
now this is my Template, the other has a image error:

My entries:

Pure Blender Inernal Render.
No other software is used at all. Modeling Rendering everything is done in Blender. Only Merged provided header + my Image with GIMP.
Animation of this image is here
( Animation of this image is )
( Animation of this image is )

Aww… Come on andrew! Let the rest of us have a shot! lol. Nice renders btw, wish I could join NA!

Este es mi aporte.:eyebrowlift:
This is my contribution.