Blender 2.5X Cartoon edges

I was looking through the posts and could not find how to create cartoon edges for Blender 2.5. There are plenty of posts for earlier versions, unfortunately I was not able to use any of those posts for 2.5 version.

Could someone please explain how I can achieve cartoon edges in 2.5 or point me into the direction where I can find this information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am just starting out in 3D.

The basic built-in edge rendering is still in 2.57b, but you have to navigate to the bottom of the Render tab under the Properties Panel, and under Post Processing enable Edge, and then you can render and see an edge around your object. Below Edge, you will see a color panel that you can set your edge color to, and also the basic thresh hold control for the strength of the edge rendering. There are other ways to do this with Composite Nodes, but this will get you started.

Thank you Craig for your help. It worked, however I will look into the composite nodes, because I am trying to make every edge on the subdivided plane visible and not only outer edge.

I appreciate your quick and detailed response.

I’m right behind you tosha. I am looking for the same effect. As a simple example I used the default cube and turned on the Post Processing edge but it doesn’t draw all the visible edges. Let me know if you make headway…