Blender 2.5x keeps losing UV maps

I map them, they’re there…then they disappear despite saving them after I successfully mapped them.

It feels like Blender can’t hang on to or retain the linkages and pathways from Blend file to where the map is.

also, many many times while trying to get blender to re-see this map, it quits as I am navigating it TO this file.

this is brutal.

anyone else?


I’m noob, but I experienced the same problem. Could be that you didn’t check the “textface” button into the material pannel?

quite possible…is doing that necessary? I mapped this texture to my shape LONG ago, while I was still using 2.49b…and it will periodically disappear! Can’t say exactly when, bcs I’ll usually be focusing on something else, then suddenly I’ll notice that my texture map isn’t there…


I haven’t had this problem, but I had problem with armature pose. I posed something, save file, hit render and the pose would be gone (even after reloading the file). I did this 5 times before I figured out the sequence needed to be, pose, save file, close blender, open blender, load file then render. It was frustrating.