Blender 2.5x video player

Hi everybody,

I would like to know more about the Blender video player, i mean the player that the sequencer use in preview window.

is this player was originaly developped for blender or this is coming from other code/librarie ?

Why the memory usage is so heavy, the frame dropping is now welcome but i never saw a “big” computer running the video sequencer whithout lag or error sync, and without the use of fx !

the preview windows are unpleased to watch when editing a movie

i was thinking that maybe comes from the ram usage and not from disk reading ! correct me if i’m wrong but i really want to understand :smiley:

is there any mode like “play from disc” ?

Anyway, how to improve performance on play sequences ?


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Nobody ?
i found on the french forum (blenderclan) some aswers about this, but not how to improve it in a way that editing becomes easier to manage on a “slow” machine !

you can turn on proxy, it makes it a bit faster (but less quality) there’s much to be done with the VSE and it’s speed. same with node compositor when using footage for compositing.

What is the type of contribution we can do for VSE update, on this topic ?
cause speed during playback is a BIG issue !

Any video softwares play real time the preview without custom proxy or delay !

when i add 2 effect strips…i don’t have choice to activate proxy anyway !

Maybe there are some relevant information:

Sounds like your looking for the “Memory Cache Limit” found under System in the User Preferences.

Proxies for VSE are on the 2.5 todo. They do not work at the moment.

A revised filter effects system is planned based on Xat’s Filter Stack patch which probably won’t speed things up but I saw mention of ‘paving the way for GPU accellerated effects’ on a recent svn commit which may help, but in the future.

You don’t mention what OS you’re on but for Linux it is possible to build FFmpeg with vdpau which may help decoding and playback of certain codecs like h264, mpeg1 and 2. But also depends on having NVidia vid card and 9000 series or newer. This won’t help lossless codecs, image sequences and RAW avi’s though I think. It’s not like CS5 Mercury Engine all on the GPU though. :wink:

I’ve found, prefetching, cacheing, reduced quality [50% or 25%] in the play back window helps a little but not much.