Blender 2.5x

I was just wondering when Blender 2.5x will come out and if it will be free? I cant seem to find any thing about it on


Blender 2.5 will be licensed under the same license as the other versions (some version of gnu I believe). So it will still be open source and free. Currently it is still in the beta phase, and with 400+ bugs in the bugtracker I think it will be for some more time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to release a second beta version around the time of the blender conference (end of October).


No, Blender has become scareware! This means you’ll have to make a donation to use it. If you don’t, you should be afraid of the Wu-Man coming to your house at night, where he’ll be singing all kinds of crazy songs next to your bed when you’re in a very deep sleep.

50 USD should be enought to keep him away for a while. You can find the donation button at your right hand on the download page.

Sweet dreams!

Ok thanks that helps

Blender will be free, it’s license wouldn’t allow it to not be free, that is one of the good things about it being open source and licensed the way it is.

As for the final release, I don’t think it’ll be final until some time next year, which is a long way away, but the Beta releases and continuous updates will probably make it stable enough for the majority of users well before the final release.