blender 2.6 and doesnt appear the CUDA choice

I have a problem that is quite weird, and like i dont have lot experience with the new motor of blender cycles am a little lost.
I install from blender 2.62 and when i open the experimental choice i dont see CUDA option, after that i install some builds from graphicall and nothing happen (6657,6658,6663 etc) .But when i install the cycles_x64.Win7-41652 works perfect, anybody any idea???(this one is Blender 2.59.5 + Cycles for Win 7 x64, Built with Cmake + MSVC 2008) and i install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package)

I know u probably know the solution coz i am recently starting with cycles.:smiley:


File / User Preferences / System, select the GPU in the Compute Device section

Thanks a lot!!! very easy!!! XD