Blender 2.6 Debug and Consoel in game

Hi, I was wandering how to open a console or something in the Game Engine. So I can see whats going on and fix errors in my python code.

From the blender wiki:

To display the console in current versions of Blender, go to Help » Toggle System Console.

If you’re writing python for the game engine, I would also suggest looking here:
and here:

Oh It worked! I had tried that before but it didn’t do anything. Maybe because I didn’t have any code written yet. Thanks for the links too, very helpful!

Oh the reason it was doing something this time is because there was an error in my script. So after I fixed it now its back to saying Blender Game Engine Started and then Blender Game Engine Finished. Is there a way to make it show real time whats going on? Like in Call of Duty 4?

You mean after something happens print it in the console?
Yes, it’s the “print” function.

Thank you! I think I got what I need now! I had Googled how to do that for a long time but I guess I missed how to use it. I had always thought it would just print everything going on automatically.

Glad to help, agoose77 does a tutorial on these, kind of!


untitled.blend (392 KB)