Blender 2.6 development: repeating the same old errors?

I wanted to start a topic about a feeling I’m having once we get further and further in Blender development, this feeling is nothing new, it comes from the old 2.4x versions and previous ones and it’s related about the confussed interface and tools. In the old versions one of the biggest problems was the messy interface with not related things splited in different parts of blender. In 2.5 and 2.6 the interface has been created from scracht but I think they start doing the same things as in the past, for example the visualization method is very confussed (GLSL, multi-texture, single-texture), then the image editor to assing a texture sometimes I don’t even know what I’m really doing cause it’s very confusse to assing a texture to see the result in the viewport. The side pannels are just horrible, all mixed there without a real sence of a logic order, specially if you are using some scripts. 2.5 and 2.6 are a big step in the process of having a nice interface but still having several problems and doesn’t look that the blender heads are interest in trying to get an order there anytime soon, so what do you think? “are the new versions repeating the same old errors?”

I think interface design is always an ongoing thing in any application. It’s just the nature of expansion and growth. Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Firefox, just about every software is always tweaking it’s UI.

I worked a lot in Maya. Blender is an as well organized an app as Maya. Doesn’t make any of them very organized, though… ;D

I like blender interface. more than Maya or Max one :slight_smile:

One might complain about Blender’s interface, but then one would try either Maya or Houdini and then one would quickly discover that neither one is truly flawless. The latter programs prove that you don’t need a super polished interface to be efficient in 3D software, you just need an efficient one. I am not bashing either of the two; I’m simply saying, from experience, that their UIs are not as beautiful as their status (and price tag) makes one think they are.

On topic, however, organization seems to be your focus, not UI prettiness. I can agree that 2.4 was terribly unorganized (and not very pretty for that matter), but I disagree that Blender is “falling into the same errors.” The new interface, compared to the old, is something to be thankful for.

The biggest disconnect I see is when you use modifiers that point you to another panel. I mean isn’t that what the modifier panel is for? EXAMPLE: Softbody points you to physics.

doesn’t look that the blender heads are interest in trying to get an order

Anyway, who is going to institute order? And whose order is it going to be?

Blender must be remade. From null.
We need a totally new gui and new features.

For make nothing.

voting YES

I cant wait the totally new version of Blender!

Well, 2.5-2.6 interface is a HUGE step forward from the 2.4, and the interface is a LOT more organised. So I don’t think it’s worth saying “They are doing the same errors”.

However, it’s not perfect. Some things could be moved around to get it even better. For example, most of the things in the N panel actually belong in the properties editor. The T panel could be completely removed, etc…
But it’s really not a big deal in comparison to 2.49 and below.

Oh, and endi, Enough is enough. Personally, I think you should be banned another time you make fun out of people that want blender to improve.

2.5-2.6 interface is a HUGE step forward from the 2.4, and the interface is a LOT more organised.

blender work more like a game - you see only options that are currently useful.
If you click a object that can have material - a material-panel will come to the screen.
Here are parallels with MS-Ribbon - but Ribbon is more intuitive.

For me Blender 2.5> works better than what maya, max offer presently in terms of GUI. Maybe Modo “looks better” in that department but each app has ups and downs. I guess that it depends on what you do with it and what parts of the UI get more attention from each user. Anyway in order for something to keep existing it has to evolve. In Blender’s case evolution is different from commercial apps.
However I hardly think that the UI is such a big priority at the moment. In my opinion the Blender official site needs some serious love from someone skilled in web design. Take as an example Luxology or Autodesk. However I agree that has more of a coordination role than a marketing role but we shouldn’t forget that money plays a very important part in development.
My 2 Cents !

UI team is already forming again :slight_smile:

Nah, I think it’s harmlessly funny.

Imho MS Ribbons are disasterous and they ruin apps completely.
Reason - They take to much space, destroys customization, and even though what ribbons should do is give you only the actions you would want to do, Ironically it makes it difficult to find things!