Blender 2.6 F-Curve: RGB and Alpha doesn't work at GLSL mode!

At Blender version 2.49b was possible to make animations using GLSL mode RGB colors and alpha, in version 2.6 it is also possible to do using “i” upon the color of a material and the Z-Transp, but only in mode multitexture, I would like to know if it is possible to somehow do this in GLSL so well.

You can change the object color at runtime by animating the object color feature (in the object context), you might need to set a keyframe for the alpha as well to make sure it works.

You can also set it from Python as well if you need more control.

i got same problem - ace dragon - what alpha do you mean ? material alpha dont work, right ?
in 2.49 there are this special R G B A IPOs in IPO Edior - i dont find them in 2.6

For GLSL this is what you must do:

Create a new material.
Enable ZTransp (Transparency checkbox, ZTrans is default)
Select the OB colour checkbox.
Animate the Object colours, and alpha slider in the object settings panel (the Cube icon)
This Should work, provided you’re actually in GLSL mode!

agoose77 - there is a problem when I select the OB Color checkbox, the object don’t appear on gamemode. =/

bump. i can confirm this doesn’t work with UV coordinated objects.

EDIT: i take it back ive just constructed a new scene to experiment and it seems to work. heres a blend:


AlphaFade.blend (504 KB)

Great, I have learn something today. But I have a question, why can’t we animate the alpha in the material instead? Wouldn’t that be simpler? I know it doesn’t work, I’ve tried it, but I was wondering what was the underneath reason for that.

A bump for anyone still having issues.
For me, i can only animate the object’s transparency (without textures at least) using alpha sort as an option.
So, the new steps for me are:

  • Create a material (GLSL)
  • Enable Transparency - Ztransp, don’t need to change the slider, but you may have to set to 0 for textures
  • Enable Alpha Sort in new materials panel
  • Modify and keyframe object color.
  • Done!

Been looking into this myself. I think I figured it out with textures. One thing I noticed is that by turning off use alpha in image sampling under texture panel is the only way I could get it. This is confusing as it seems backwards to me.
posted blend file in case anyone interested. btw this is 2.61 release.