Blender 2.6 FPS Template

Hello everyone, i just moved from 2.49 to 2.6, and i was wondering if anyone have an FPS template, with walking, jumping, crouching, mouselook and bulletholes they wan’t to share with me?


Also, not to be rude but it might be a good idea to try yourself. If you can’t get the basics like moving around the game world down, you’ll have quite a bit of trouble later on. It could be a good learning experience :).

hehe, not rude at all! i get the point but i’ve been using blender for years, i’m just used to 2.49 but decided to make a change that’s why i changed to 2.6 a few days ago.
So i do know how to use logic bricks and stuff, but i’ve never got the time to learn python since i’m web developer and use all my time on coding like HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and Javascript, i won’t confuse myself with another coding language at the time, but sure later on i wan’t to learn python! :slight_smile: