Blender 2.6, has anything changed in animation? (actuator ACTION)

seems not work more, or only work for the loop(loop end),and not for property , but only a small piece, like 11 to 20, and that’s it, I can not change the frame

in 2.59 was perfect :mad:

Yes. much have changed.
Read the changelog here.

thanks kakasimov.
i tied now, those thing is changed , but , maybe in better way.
seem the property mode not work, but.
you can change frame (seem) also in “loop end” (before cannot), if is true ,
not serve more the property mode …

i dont liike the change, i have issues with some animations and i cant find a way to fixx them.(flipper wont work like it should) .and i cant keyframe the lights anymore.

not seem a happy change , in 2.59 you can change only single variable
action.frameEnd=200,very easy

now seem you must rewrite all for change only frame…

ob.playAction(‘Action’, 1, 200, layer=0, play_mode=bge.logic.KX_ACTION_MODE_LOOP)

work now, bad , but work

well, can change also directly the actual frame from :

so , tecnically not have less power, just a little more awkward to use, but with the right setup…think is the same