Blender 2.6 node editor menu

Hi there,

The buttons in the node editor?

  1. Material button: I get that one
  2. Texture button: It is for textures, that relate to the material?
  3. Compositing: For the overall rendered image, right?

And then

  1. Object button: ?
  2. World button: ?

Thanks for any info :slight_smile:


In cycles, the object button in the node editor edits the selected objects material; the world button edits the world settings (Hdri, etc).
In BI, with the texture button selected, the object and world button is the texture you are editing. (world selected, texture is for the world, and same thing with object/brush)

Basically, whichever is selected is the one which the nodes are changing/adjusting.

Hope that made sense :wink: