blender 2.6 rendering issue

i upgraded to 2.6! yaaaay! so i opened the model i’ve been working on and nothing renders…at all. i have plenty of lights and it doesn’t render black. just renders nothing. i checked my camera and it’s set right at the model. can anyone help? not sure if i need to set a new render setting or something with this new version. everything pretty much looks as i left it in blender 2.59.

can we see a .blend?

here we go. hopefully that’s good because i’ve had uploading issues before because of crappy net


nora_hair_texture.blend (1.45 MB)

Oookay… I have taken a look at your scene, and some strange things were happening. The model was rendered, I saw it when I pressed F12, however, I couldn’t scale or rotate any object. So finding this strange, I decided to import it in another scene. You can do that by pressing alt-F1 in a new scene and then go select the objects you want to import.

In the new scene, I have made a simple light setup, I have created a new material called “Mr.Side material” on which I have add a new texture “Mr.Side texture” that is an image I have done mapped on the UVs. Everything worked fine. I’ll join the new blend file. For the old, I don’t know what was in it that prevented me from scaling and rotating the objects but I’ll also send it back with some changes to the camera.

Your UV seem to be correctly unwrapped. The camera should be in perspective rather then orthographic because that’s what the eye prefers (even if I prefer to work in orthographic). It seemed the object was so big that it was too far for the camera to render. I have managed to scale down everything with the scale sliders in the n menu to solve that. You have not packed your textures, causing us to not be able to see them. To do that, you must go in “file -> external data -> pack into blend file”. It will put the images inside of the blend file so that when you send the .blend, we also have the images.

That’s pretty much it. To make a long story short, It worked to me but the camera and the scene was strange so I imported it in a new scene, added a material, a texture and everything works. Untitled is the new file I made, your file that I have modified is nora hair texture.

have a great day, hope it helped.

ah! that helps. before you answered i re-unwrapped it the same way as i did before and that somehow made it render so that i can see it o.O i think you’re right on the size, though because the arm or another part too close to the camera ends up getting cut off. i’ll switch the camera too. thanks!

Glad it helped and you’re welcome.