Blender 2.6 texture database.


So I was just thinking with the discussion of procedural materials being included with blender 2.6 release. Why don’t we (The community) get together and develop a high-quality texture database that can be downloaded from the website and used for free by artists.

I know that there are resources out there, but they are external sources and I think it would be best to have as many “Pre-sets” included with blender 2.6 as possible to help and attract new users.

We could develop a texture database and material node set-ups which would allow a user to mix and match textures to develop custom materials.

I voted good idea, but you know what will happen - we’ll start seeing tons of renders with the same materials, over and over again. Although there is that big blender materials website…

No matter how: it is always a good thing to have some realistic bases to create any fancy things from.

it’s a good idea, but it would be hard to achieve anything very comprehensive, because there isn’t any momentum.

also, there would have to be a quality standard, which would be slow and unpopular, otherwise it would get filled with a bunch of low-quality stuff, which would make it hard to find good things.

It’s a good idea, but there’s already so much of this stuff scattered around the web. For this to be truly useful it’d have to be hosted in a central place (, and be accessible from within Blender itself

spacetug: I agree with the quality, It would need to be quite stringent in what is and isn’t acceptable, or usable.

Maybe this would be best as a one man project, that way the quality could remain quite consistent.

William: Your right, perhaps a Python script could log into an FTP server (Like it does with the green button render script) where you can see the images in thumbnail and download them straight into a directory.

I understand that having hundreds, maybe even thousands of people downloading from and FTP server may pose a problem however. I know that the majority of commercial sites just offer a thumbnail on the website with an option to download, so that could still work.

It’s entirely likely there will be one in blender.
Also there will be a few 3rd party Materials & Texture Databases.
These can all be linked into via the wiki materials section.
Much of this cannot be done until the new materials code is finished.
There’s likely a way to build a library in the wiki, then link this into Blender also.
As well as documenting use & function,
The wiki can also be a good area for centralizing lots of things.

You are of course, free to help out.

The biggest problem for me is exactly what are we going to create with Blenders limited procedural texture system? Lots of rusty copper and procedural stone textures?

Don’t know about everyone else, but I have a limited need for things like that.

We need some of the texture plugins hardcoded into Blender before this becomes a useful initiative. As far as I’m aware, I can’t even create something as simple as a Brick wall preset at the moment without using images…

We need textures that can generate shapes, not just noise!

I still use the Blender Texture CD stuff.

What is it that you want? you talk about both presets and downloadable stuff. An external texture library is a great idea, but hard to maintain, very few people actually makes the stuff they think people should come together and create.

good idea!

I think is a great idea. Would be very useful to have a centralized place for Creative Commons textures.

Or also photographs, they can be very useful for projection painting.

For me one of the most important things is to be sure the CC licensing is authentic. I mean, I don’t know how trustable are the search engines with the “give only CC results” option. Anyone can post any non-CC picture there and put it as CC.

So you need to verify with its creator, and that can take a lot of time. Or in some places you have long legal agreement texts with all the conditions, which in some cases don’t reflect you particular situation, so you contact the people there and they ask you for examples of the use you will give to it, and end up telling you things like: “you can use it while it’s not used in a predominant way”, which is quite ambiguous and subjective.

So it’s a waste of very precious time and energy to contact every author or site and you end up being uncertain of being using it in the right way.

It would be good just a place where you search, download and use trusting everything is fine.

Wonder if it would be also possible to include (verified) CC images from other places. Although it would be quite a big task.