Blender 2.60 RC1 is out...and maybe interesting?

Hello dear Game Engine addicts

A new Blender version is out, and since a long, long time, an important and useful tool/function is added:
The “Navigation Mesh creator”:
Go test it!

Also the improvements for TEX- Face option is also added. But the issue with ‘lib’ folder of python when made a runtime as mentioned here still

Already tested the Navigation Mesh (and new Material Options) on 259.2 & .3, but several Times it occured to me that my Character (I made a simple Point&Click Movement) would get stuck on sharp Corners and get some Sort of Seizure. I asked for Hints on how to make a NavMesh proper enough to avoid that buggy Behaviour, but it looks like no one knew. ;0;

Well,it may have been an error. It would have been useful to provide your Blend file! It worked for me…

So, you’ve tested it?
It works well?
Its useful?
Easy to set up?
Maybe you can provide some .blend test file?
Thank you!

i’ve tested the Navigation Mesh Path finding system a while ago.
it’s a most awaited feature indeed. it’s very easy to setup and to deal with. Well i made a simple video though:o

It would be nice if we could get it to target a property instead of only an object (I could say the same for the “track to” option under “edit object” but the S2A script pretty much handled that problem for me), I guess i’ll just have to wait until someone who actually knows python figures that out XP, this is still really cool though and has a large range of uses :slight_smile: I could have really used this a week ago.

thank you for your little video tut!
Yes, it looks easy to setup, indeed!

Dinokaizer, that’s easy:

  • Create a property called ‘target’ on the object running script. Set it to the property to track to
  • Create a text file “”
  • Copy this into the text file
  • Create and ALWAYS sensor, true pulse ([…])
  • Create a Python Contoller, set it to module, and type 'module.targetNearestProperty;
  • Connect to the Steering actuator as well as your other logic bricks (this script doesn’t activate the steering actuator, but if you want it to, tell me)

(Always […] ->Python [MODULE]->Steering Actuator)

import bge
def targetNearestProperty(cont):
    if not 'target' in cont.owner:
        if debug:print('No property called "target" found, please specify target property')
    property = cont.owner['target']
    objects = sorted([[ob,cont.owner.getDistanceTo(ob)] for ob in bge.logic.getCurrentScene().objects if property in ob], key=lambda x:x[1])
    steering_actuators = [act for act in cont.actuators if isinstance(act, bge.types.KX_SteeringActuator)]
    if steering_actuators:
        if not objects:
            if debug:print('No Objects with Property:',property)
        steering_actuators[0].target = objects[0][0]
    if debug:print('No steering actuators found')

Hey Oto did you already tested the samples inside the link you provided? It’s great! This, combined with the near sensor and the state machine could be very powerful in my opinion!

Maybe clean up and maintain “Dark Days of Little Oto”? :slight_smile:

I generally fail at anything to do with scripts, could you please upload a blend file?