Blender 2.60 splash contest

Hello Blenderheads!

Well, 2.60 is just around the corner. All the devs have been working hard to get this out, now it’s the artists’ chance to get involved. We need a cool splash screen! This is your chance to show the capabilities of our favourite 3d package, as well as show all of us what you can do.

Here’s the template:

Please post the final image here as .png file


  • it has to be made entirely in Blender (image textures created in Gimp/Photoshop can be used)
  • keep the title area free, make your picture fit in the given space below
  • don’t use the blender logo (it’s already there in the heading)
  • don’t use other logos either
  • don’t use suzanne
  • you can use old works, or make completely new ones
  • you can participate with more than one image, but,
  • do not make millions of variations of the same idea,
  • just make a good one
  • it has to look awesome
  • post your works on this thread
  • cyberpunk unicorns with machineguns optional
  • keep the thread clean, post entries and questions about the competition only. Also, please only post once. If you have revisions, add them to your original post.

All entries due by the 5th of October (that gives you about 2 weeks from the time of this post). The winner won’t be announced here. The first you’ll know is when you open up 2.60!
The Jury (@freen) will pick the best/most interesting image.

Thanks for your efforts, and best of luck! =)

Here are my entries. This doesn’t count as a million variations on one idea, does it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me if the images on here aren’t loading properly…

Yes it does.
I don’t wanna sound like a troll
it looks great and i wish i could make something like that
but its been done many times

Please note:

  • keep the thread clean, post entries and questions about the competition only
    This is not a place for critiques or personal attacks. Please only entries and questions.

What’s the cut-off date for submitting entries?

5th of October. Sorry about that. Just added it to the OP.

Thank you :slight_smile:

here is my submission. (I will probably work on it more later, but this is pretty close to the final product)

Preview on Black:

.PNG with Alpha:

speaking of things done a million times, I hope against hope itself that the winner isn’t yet another weird-lookin’ alien creature.

talk about a theme that’s had the daylights beaten out of it…

I for one would be all in favor of Nature-based imagery…birds, plants, flowers, etc…or maybe an illustration of some key biological process that would give insight into the meaning of life?

that’s some challenge, eh?

One question. Can someone else use the splash posted in this thread for a custom build.

radialronnie: i like it, nice work, good luck.

Great Idea, here are my entries:
Locust Swarm:
And one of my spiders:
I hope the locust and the swarm are different enough from oneanother.

I want to enter, if I do I’ll edit it in here.

More abstract pieces?
I apologize if the LED flocks are too similar. [Also, I this is my first post :]

the single locust has def caught my eye, something about it and motion blur just looks right for 2.60 imho mi imagen luego subire mas