blender 2.60 water

hey guys,need some help. im new to blender and iv been learning to use the physics tab and that in the water section, my first question is, how do i control the quantity of water that is in the domain? i can never seem to get the amount i always is too little:(.my second question is, the fluid is always along the wall of the domain instead of being a cube like i want it to.even though my cube shape is big and right in the middle of my domain.its always is (like i said before) in a small amount and it just runs down the side of the domain instead of being the shape of the cube.please help.ty.

make your source of fluid bigger then it will take longer to flow out!

happy 2.6

You first issue. There are many ways to get water into the domain. If you want something exactly the size you want I would suggest adding a mesh and make it the right size inside your domain. Then make it a fluid.

For the other issue. Maybe make your domain bigger. But what would be more helpful would be for you to post your blend file here. I’m not exactly getting what you are saying.

Also there are many tutorials out there that will show you how to create water.