Blender 2.61 on Linux 11.1

Hi, I’ve been learning Blender 2.61 on Windows XP and Windows 7 for about the last two months. The intention is to use the 3d graphics and modeling sections to generate files to model, carve and sculpt on a CNC machine. I’ve had no problems with either system, but as I run the CNC machine on Linux CNC and have very little to no experience with programing I would like to keep all the OS’s the same. Is there a live CD install out there on Linux for Blender 2.61. I have managed to glean, from the forum, a download at open artists but that is for 64 bit and I would require 32 bit.


Probably the wrong section to post this in, just download the file from for the version you need and unpack the dir somewhere on the PC and launch the app from in the dir… that’s it. You can even run it off a thumb drive if you want.

I tested the 64 bit on 11.04, you should be ok on 11.10:-

Hi thanks for that, I don’t know what I did, but I somehow jagged it and loaded Blender 2.62 onto Ubuntu 10.04 which which suits me better. It seems to work OK but time will tell.:evilgrin:


I added a ppa that autmatically updates to latest version