Blender 2.61weird window


I downloaded and installed Blender 2.61 (r42614) 64 Bit for Mac OS X.
If I run it I get a weird bar / window above the main menu bar. In the beginning it is small.
Same height as main menu bar. If I scale up the whole Blender window this bar gets bigger as well, see attachment. Sometimes I can read text inside this window as if it contains Blender output or something like that.
I tried to get rid of this bar but without success :-(. What is this bar for?
How can I get rid of it, it occupies the working space of my blender.

You should be able to grab the border just under the word “Default” (in your screenshot) and lift the menu bar up to the top of your screen. You are seeing a window you rarely need, but you DO need the menu bar at the bottom of it. I sometimes pull it down and make that the timeline window, but then push it back up and make it the info window again since I need the menu items such as “File” etc.