blender 2.62 and blender 2.63 snapping doesn't work

hi everyone,

I hope somebody can help. Snapping doesn’t work anymore. I think it has something to do with the use of some modifier?

I tested two official releases of blender with my file and tested with a simple cube file. In the simple cube file i can snap. in my file i can’t…

Are there people with the same issue?


Snapping works just as it should in 2.62/2.63/2.63a versions of blender.
Attach your non working blend file

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Hi, here’s my blend file.
Hope you can see what’s wrong…
thank you!


01.blend (1.31 MB)

‘Snap onto itself (edit mode)’ is unckecked?

I add cube, move it freely, then hold Ctrl and move closer to your mesh; orange circle appears and cube snaps to geometry.
Blender 2.63.5 r46680, win32, eeePC 1000. Same happens when i detach some building, separate it and move.
So here it works on your file.

OMG! it was the ‘snap onto itself’ button…didn’t knew it existed so must have turned it off by mistake…
I’m very sorry for disturbing you, but very pleased a solution this simple solves my problem! thank you all very much!

Thank you, solved my problem.

Alas the reply he had been waiting for

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