Blender 2.62 / Cycles - using experimental GPU rendering not workingq

I have Dell XPS M1330 with GeForce 8400M nVidia card

This card is supported but when I am rendering it is giving error

OpenCL: C version 1.1 or later required. Verion 1.0 found

What is wrong? Please help

As other posts have said, you need 1.1 minimum and it seems your card doesn’t have that.

But as per the list my card is supports GPU

GeForce 8400M nVidia card

Hi Tahseen, it makes no sense to render with a 8400M G/GS/GT.
A 8400M G has 8 cuda cores, a GS has 16. I think you dual core CPU is faster.
The 8000 cards has Compute Capability 1.1, cycles support from 1.3 (not fully supported)
Even my GTX 260 is to old (1.3)

May be it work with a build from graphicall with “Cuda all Kernels”.

Cheers, mib.

Mine is GeForce 8400M and has 1.1 GPU Compute Capability as per the below URL of nVidia