Blender 2.62 for Mac: Addons Trouble with SCG

I am the newest noob there is when it comes to Blender, so please forgive me if this is the equivalent of asking “what’s that blue thing above our heads,” but I have reached a frustrating impasse, and as I cannot find answers to this question elsewhere oin the forums (and actually saw someone admonished for asking new questions in someone else’s thread) I humbly turn my pleas to the Blender Elders.

I am somewhat Mac savvy, but know next to nothing of scripts. I downloaded Blender 2.62, and I am seeking to add Suicidator City Generator 054. I am running a Macbook with Mac OS 10.6.8 and have made sure that I followed the advice on the installations instruction screen on both the SCG site and the Blender wiki regarding java and the like.

I also made sure I downloaded the right copy of Blender for my processor and OS (SCG claims it is for all platforms).

The wiki ( instructs as to where the appropriate folders to drag the application files are for Windows and Linux, but not Mac. I cannot find the addons folder or even the scripts folder, through my finder.

I then tried the alternate solution of creating a personnal (sic) folder using the instructions found on the wiki. I created the necessary folders, dragged the SCG folder in, and tried to go through Blender to configure the file path that way. I can locate the folder, the files and everything, but when I select the file and click Accept, nothing happens.

Alternately, when I go through the file pane and path the script back to the folder, I can go down the rabbit hole until I find the scripts folder within. But I have no way of adding to, or moving anything into, that folder.

So I can see the folder I am SUPPOSED to put the addon in (though only in Blender) but I cannot add to it.

I have attached some screen shots detailing my futile efforts. I am hoping that I missed something very obvious to one of you fine folks, and that someone looks at this thread and says something akin to “man, that is such an easy fix! You just have to (insert useful advice here) and you’ll be up and running.”

Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope…

With utmost respect and humility,

Kenn Beck

RMB on the to show package contents

Did @Richard_Marklew’s solution work for you ?
If you’re using Blender 2.63, then you’ll also need the latest SCG 0.5.5.

If you find anything do not hesitate to report back here so I can fix it ASAP and update the documentation.