Blender 2.62 freezing


I am new to BlenderArtists and pretty new to Blender and 3D modeling.

When I first found Blender I had downloaded 2.61, and it worked great on my Toshiba Satellite laptop, which is just one of those $400 ones from Staples, pretty basic. its got Windows 7 Home 64 bit. Processor is: AMD Athlon™ II P320 Dual Core Processor 2.10 GHz with 4.00GBs of RAM (3.74 usable)

I modeled my tire from my wheelchair as my first project. I eventually plan to model the whole chair. Then I got busy with work and recently decided to get back into Blender after I found the Shapeways website.

A few days ago I started to model a basic ring band with some engraving in it. I modeled the band, then I performed a Difference Boolean for the outer inscription and it took like 3-4 minutes to do it, which was fine, I don’t mind waiting, then I tried to do it again for an inner inscription and Blender 2.61 kept freezing. I took a break and made some better font to use in the inner inscription, which took all day yesterday so I never even opened Blender. I finished my font today and decided I wanted to redo my ring band. I modeled a new band with no problems, then tried to do the outer inscription with the same readymade font as before and Blender froze. Then it seemed ANYTHING I tried to do made it freeze, like change the location of an object, clicking “File” to save, before I lost my new band I had just made…

I figured I should look for a newer version of Blender and I found 2.62, so I downloaded it and its doing the same but much worse, it takes forever to open any of my .blend files and gives a bunch of errors in the little black window when I try to move my ring band (“Face Loop Error”) and it will not perform a Difference Boolean.

I’m not very “techie” so if I need to be doing something, please give thorough, simple instructions :slight_smile:


EDIT Update

When opening one particular file, blender would slow down, then it wouldn’t let me enter edit mode. So I made a new file from an existing one that opened fine. Blender seems to have normalized a bit as well

I have text that I have wrapped around a bezier circle, and I have it half way set into the mesh of my ring band object, when I select the ring band, add modifier, boolean, difference and select my text object from the boolean settings, it freezes for a bit then gives the error “Can’t execute boolean operation”

I have tried subdividing both the ring band and the text, putting the text deeper into the mesh of the ring band, pulling it out further from the ring band… I then added a cube mesh and a sphere mesh and did the boolean difference to them and it worked like a charm!, so it works, its just not working where I want it to work… any help please?

it literally worked ONCE the day before yesterday in Blender 2.61, and hasn’t worked since, and I’m doing everything exactly the same to my knowledge…


I got it working now, I remade the band again, and for some reason its working now… not sure what was different

Thanks anyway all :slight_smile: