Blender 2.62 - Local animations


I’m trying to spawn keyframed objects and have their animations play locally, rather than snapping back to the original location that they were keyframed at. I have tried to set this up with both the F-Curve logic brick and in Python with object.playAction().

No matter which settings I put, I can’t seem to get it to play the animation locally where the object is added. I haven’t used the new BGE animation system that much since it was updated (where Actions and FCurves were combined into one logic brick). I tried searching the forum for the relevant keywords, but couldn’t find any other thread on it.

Any advice?

Parent the objects to an empty. Then addObject the empty. The children will be added automatically.
The animations will be played relative to the empty.

Actions are played relative to the parent.
If there is no parent object set the scene is the parent.