Blender 2.62 ready for download

Hi Blender 2.62 is ready for download at

Hints on quick adaption for the BGE:

  • switch the default scene to Blender Game Engine
  • open Preferences
  • enable Compress File (save much space)
  • adjust Save Versions to number you like
  • disable save Preview Images (saves much space)

*enable Game Engine: Save As Game Engine Runtime

I don’t want to sound negative or anything, but i would recommend against download 2.62. It seems to crash a lot more for me, whilst 2.61 was generally stable unless you run BGUI :wink:

So far so good on Ubuntu 11.10 (Using the ppa:irie/blender version)
no crashes or instability so far.

It crashes a lot for me to.

I didn’t have time to test it much but it seems to work fine under Windows 7 and FreeBSD. I only noticed a minor glitch (that nonetheless prevented it to run) in the FreeBSD version: it seems to be compiled against a slightly older FFTW library than I have, but it was quickly fixed with a symlink.

So, another great release. A big thanks to everyone who contributed.

I found that Cycles stopped using GPU in 2.62. The solution, as pointed out by s12a in another thread, is to go into User Preferences (Window) > System > Compute Device and choose your hardware settings from there (e.g. CUDA).

I have noticed that some action I do while fiddling with game engine in 2.62 messes up texture’s relative paths quite often. Not sure which specific action does that. I end up re-linking materials quite a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Its buggy.
UV is unstable at the momment
Game Engine crashes, and i loose my ACTIONS!!! and its very annoying

Actions: enable “F” before saving! (it is not enabled by default since 2.61)