Blender 2.62 Selection Toggle bug?

Sorry, I don’t know, how to report bugs correctly. And it may be not a bug… Anyway…

Blender 2.62
Windows 7 x64 SP1

When pressing A (selection toggle) several times during modeling (not sequentially), the Action switches from Toggle to Deselect, and I have to press Reset to set Action back into Toggle state. It happens not only in Mesh mode, but also in Object and possibly in others.

I don’t know… maybe it’s a new feature… any thoughts? Thank you!

I did not get your point. What Reset-key are you talking about?

Pressing the a-key has different effects depending on the preselection.
Nothing selectet --> pressing the “a”-key --> all will be selected
All selectet --> pressing the “a”-key --> the selection will be deselected
One vertex or any other object in a group of objects selectet --> pressing the “a”-key --> the selection will be deselected.

It is a kind of 2 ½- way toggle switch.

I’ve been using blender since 2.49. I know, how [A] works.
Please, look at my screensot. You’ll see, that [A] action is set as Toggle in preferences and works as you’ve said. But when pressing [A] several times during the modelling, [A] suddenly becomes set as Deselect and stays in Deselect mode (and works only for Deselecting anything) until I press Reset or select Toggle in the dropdown at the down-left of my screenshot. That’s very strange, isn’t it?

Ok I understand that the “User Preferences” are being changed from “Toggle” to “Deselect” accidently. That is strange indeed. I havn’t expierienced this behaviour so far. The only thing I can think of is that the “A”-Key has been defined in the “User Preferences” for different purposes.

This is the normal “User Preferences” - tab limited to the input-options containing any “A”

Note that there is no “Restore” - button present like in the next screenshot. Is this the “Reset”- option you are talking about? You can manually scroll down the list and check for every defined “A”- key and the defined mode.

Just for fun I modified every second shortcut in the second screenshot as “A”

It seems that blender is accepting double entries.

Perhaps you have a corrupted setup file with competing key definitions. Then you should reset your preferences to the factory setup.

Or it can be a bug. However other users would have run into this problem as well.