Blender 2.62 System Config for CGI Live action film (lots of vfx shots)

Hi friends…
I am an independent film maker. Currently i completed the Pre production of a 30min short film about an alien invasion. i am a Compositor too, and i love blender 3d its my favorite 3d software… now i am learning modeling, texturing, animation, rigging etc… for my short film i plan to do all the CG effects in Blender 3d… so i want to buy a new system for blender,
Please any body suggest me a good system configuration for blender 3d(for smooth compositing, smoke sim, animation etc)
The short film was planned to shoot in Canon 7d, so the resolution for the rendering size is 1920x1080.

Thanks in advance

Hi, for simulations and rendering with the blender internal renderer you need pur CPU power and much RAM.
I72600k and 16GB RAM as a start point, dual xeon 6 core and 32 RAM as high end system.
You need also a good GFX card for view port performance. AMD/ATI 78/7900.
If you use cycles, the new render engine, you need a nvidia card with cuda and big VRAM > GTX 580 3GB VRAM, better two of them.

Cheers, mib.

Thank you very much… but still little confused with graphic cards, What is the difference between GTX 580 3GB and nvidia Quadro 4000, both has cuda cores but Quadro 4000-256 cuda cores and GTX 580-512 Cuda cores but Quadro 4000 is Expensive and also in professional category GTX 580 is less expensive than Quadro 4000… some article which i read over internet says, Compare to Quadro 4000, GTX 580 is better result in 3d application… so which one is better ?

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Hi lenniecg, the quadro cards are 24/7 proof and you get special driver for 3d software like 3dsmax, maya etc. for viewport acceleration.
There are more technical differences but not useful for blender. As brute force render hardware the consumer cards are much faster.
Some professionals use a smaller quadro card only for display and GTX 500`s only for cuda rendering. Many software use also cuda for acceleration like photoshop, after effects and other video editing softeware. In the future Blender use OpenCL for accelerate the compositing nodes (available for AMD and Nvidia).

so which one is better ?

For rendering 100% GTX cards, for viewport? The OpenGL viewport system in blender is old and it profited not from the Quadro cards. But may be other users have more experience in Quadro cards.
Can´t say much about AMD/ATI cards, never had one.

Cheers, mib.

It is not as simple when comparing GeForce to Quadro cards, the GeForce cards are somewhat crippled in OGL. So for use together with Blender you will not benefit from having a Quadro card, Blender runs smoother on my GTX285 than on my Quadro 4000. In After Effects and Maya you will see a huge difference though.

And about graphics cards - wait until you can get your hands on Geforce 6xx-series card. They will be released beginning late March beginning with the GTX680 with 1536 cores, thats 3x the cores of a 580 - and the card is generally faster in DX and OGL too…

About the rest of the computer, systems running Intel components are in my experience more stabile than AMD-based ones and just buy as much as you can afford, hehe, there’s no upper limit to what performance you need just ways to cope with the performance you don’t have. :smiley:

Thank you very much…

Thank you… Blender is my main application and also i use a lot After effects, Redgaint Magic bullet(For Color Grading) so Which one would i can buy now?
Quadro 4000 or GTX 580

The GTX680 is released within a few weeks and you get two GTX680 for the price of one Quadro 4000, so that’s not even a choice, the dual GTX680’s is a way more bang for the buck… (3072 CUDA cores vs. 256 CUDA cores - you’ll do the math, but we’re talking at least 12x the rendering speed with cycles…)

About AE and Quadro. The difference is, a GeForce card will only accelerate 3 3D-layers using openGL where a Quadro will accelerate all layers. But most pro’s agree OGL in AE is qiute unstabile and many even disable it for better stability, so I just don’t see the point… (and I have a Quadro 4000 in one of my workstations, I actually see that is a stupid investment)