Blender 2.63.13 r48710 mask aspect ratio issues

So I thought I’d try using the latest version to do some masking. And it’s fantastic! Except for the situation below. Blender file with following description can be found here:

Wasn’t sure how to embed the input image so just added it scene textures and packed it inside the blend file. Anyone know how to contact Sebastian about this? I know the code has only just been written but thought I post my findings.

Blender 2.63.13 r48710

  1. Input movie is TV PAL 16:9 (720x576 16:11). It has a square on it (but the image shows this as a rectangle due to the aspect ratio). Shown in the texture panel.

  2. Current blend is 1024x576 at 1:1 (i.e. 16:9 with square pixels).

  3. Loaded movie in movie clip editor and displayed with 16:11 aspect - all looks good so far.

  4. Add mask around square and to corners as well.

  5. Using ‘standard’ camera tracking nodes, original movie goes through an Undistort followed by scale to render size. This works fine.

  6. Since the mask is coming from the same distorted movie, it should also be Undistorted and scaled.

Here’s the issue: the same ‘scale to render size’ node doesn’t work. If I manually scale by setting the Y value to (1/11)*16 it works (i.e. the mask correctly covers the square). Except that the frame is now cropped and the corners that should continue to the edge (even after scaling) are cropped. I’m assuming because the scale is performed with a raster image, not the original mask object.