blender 2.63 and makehuman builds above 1.12

I recently tried to import a model of a person to test the rigging quality of the makehuman rigs (.mhx) and i got a weird error. it said that i had a build 1.3 of makehuman but i needed 1.12 or higher for it to work. Im not good with the math but im pretty sure thats not right… lol :no: any idea how i can get the importing to work again?


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I would recommend catching a moment when Daz3D Studio 4 is free (promotion), get it, buy Genesis morphs and use that to make a figure. Then bring it to Blender and rig it (it’s not that hard). You get much better results than using Makehuman (I failed to import makehuman figure with weighted mesh and rig since Makehuman began supplying Blender importer; It just never worked for me).