Blender 2.63 Crashes after about 40-50 frame renders?

Well i’m not sure what the problem is, but Blender is crashing after rendering about 40-50 frames and its very annoying! How do i diagnose whats wrong? I can say for one thing, running the render from a fresh boot does not solve the problem, and i need to be able to leave blender rendering automatically for long periods of time!

If you can post a blend file that can help diagnose the problem. But there are many reasons why Blender crashes. Some can be hardware related, such as overcocking or not enough cooling in your system. Bad memory.

Overnight I just rendered a 4,200 frame animation (640x360 PNG Sequence) with a character, terrain and ambient occlusion. So it is possible to render long frame sequences using Blender. But I have also experienced what you describe where Blender would crash out after a few frames.

Are you using any drivers or custom scripts?
What is your system specs?
What render engine are you using?
Do you get more frames if you render at half the size?
Do other scenes render ok and the problem seems to be a specific scene?
Are you rendering to an animation file (AVI or MPG) or an image sequence? (Try rendering to an image sequence)

Thanks for your advice, and questions.

I’m not using any drivers or custom scripts.

System is:
AMD Phenom x6 1055T running at 2.8Ghz (default)
4GB Ram
Windows 7 64 Bit
NVidia geforce GTX 460

I’m using blender render engine.

Yes i get more frames at half size - BUT i have pushed it through more sessions and it seems to be totally random when it crashes, sometimes it will manage 90 frames, sometimes only 20.

I dont have any other scenes to try rendering, im a newbie.

I am rendering to images as its easier to pick up after a crash from that.

I’ll post a blend file tomorrow, I have suspicions about my computer’s memory actually, as at certain times programs (any program) will suddenly close or crash for no reason, it’s even happened with windows calculator. Its rare, but does happen, and i suppose the more memory something takes, the greater chance of a crash due to bad memory maybe? Does anyone know a way to test the memory.

Also, what controls the frames per second on the 3d view, I have a pretty complicated scene which slows things down. Is the rendering done on a 3d card or a processor? I could OC my cpu a bit safely, but wouldnt want to do so if its all GPU handled. I am looking at handling bigger files and one time tried to load a 303MB obj file: blender crashed after gobbling up 2.6gb of ram and i had to restart as everything was running so slowly!

I got the same problem, it take me 2 days to find the solution :
and it will do the job.


Memtest86 is a valuable tool for testing and checking if the RAM is any good.

This happens for me quite often with Blender when I’m rendering long/big sequences. After hours, Blender interface appears frozen but actually it’s still rendering the images. If you check the folder you are rendering the images into, they should keep appearing :slight_smile: