blender 2.63 render HD 1080 test

this is a render test for my animation Terra Survival. There are some texture errors but those don’t bother me ( they are fixed)

what do you think??

So if it’s not textures, then what are you testing here again? And why render so many frames of the same thing?

i am testing some different render settings and also the 2.64 render settings ( which isn’t shown)

I’m confused…

From the Youtube description: “This is a render test for blender 2.62
From your thread title: “blender 2.63 render HD 1080 test”
From your quote: “[…] the 2.64 render.”

What are you showing off here?

sorry the video will be corrected. I got confused on which render i was using ( it is 2.63) I am testing the 2.64 render, but i haven’t posted it yet…

sorry i am a bit busy with college and got messed up.