Blender 2.63 RGBAZ in OpenEXR


I wasn’t sure if it was the right forum to post, but here goes… I am rendering to open Exr format which I later process in After Effects. In 2.63 there is a problem with Z pass when it comes to OpenExr.

Up to 2.63 there was no problem with Z - there was always the Image, alpha and Z sockets on the output node. OpenEXR rendered in such way had nice R,G,B,A,Z channels which were nicely handled by other applcations (such as after effects). Screenshot:

In the 2.63 node if we choose OpenExr there is no Z socket. We have to manually add input, name it Z but this way the image is rendered into two images: Image, and Z (which still has no Z channel but only RGBA).

So we could use OpenExr multilayer but the problem is that in that case channel names are quite different from simple RGBAZ which other apps are expecting (for example after effects).
Its unusable (this problem lays on the AE side).

I know this problem is cause both by Blender and poor After effects openExr management. Am I missing something? Is there a way to get OpenExr (non multilayer) with all the RGBAZ channels?

Thanks a lot in advance!

As far as Multilayer OpenEXR goes, IIRC the issue lies in the fact that different software handles the format differently. There simply isn’t a unified system for this quite yet. Regarding the Z-pass, I believe it needs to be passed through a Normalize node first before you connect it to the Z-socket.

Nope… I think that somebody broke something, all right.

It does seem to be broken. I can get RGB out of it but that is it.