Blender 2.63 Splash Screen

New splash screen image for 2.63


Mango logo looks like it was cropped a bit (left side on the circle). Maybe it’s just the antialiasing or something though. Looks really nice.

Makes me want to dig in and learn more Blender :slight_smile: The tracking stuff looks exciting, and Cycles is really coming along nicely!

Mmm white “Blender 2.63” on light grey? The bot is insane though

Is the light grey going to be transparent?

It shows fine in the program, but the original .png which is shown here, has an alpha channel. All good :wink:

The image is the .png from the source code so the background will look the same as the current splash screen

Looks great, and the Mango reference is motivating :slight_smile:

@DingTo/Richard - now it makes sense thanks guys. Keep the good work with Mango

Great image! Is that all blender or does it have a little post in another program?

You can now get the 2.63 release from

Hello everyone!

Here’s information for platform maintainers about revisions used for

Tag: blender-2.63-release
Main tree revision: r45996
Addons revision: r3314
Translation: r574

Thanks everobody for the release!

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

Yeah noticed that as well. I remember this happens when a logo is cropped into a bounding that fits exactly, then you get those cutoffs on the right en bottom side. This happens in Photoshop when you crop on exact bounding. :open_mouth:

Further, 3d artwork is really cool =D

wow. it’s finally here.

sexy splash :eyebrowlift:
any way we could get it in a larger resolution?

That’s awesome!

I’m experiencing issues with the keymap though, namely that many hotkeys aren’t working anymore. Most notably the quick menus in edit mode: UV Unwrap, Vertex/Edge/Face tools etc. I can’t even find their corresponding settings in the Preference menu.

Anyone has a clue?

Saw the same thing when I selected a custom key map. Switched to the blender default and it started working again. Only had a couple of custom key changes so not too much of a problem for me.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

no zipped windows version

Don’t worry. There will be zip and 7z versions.

Yeah, get it here: