Blender 2.63 *with BMESH* now official release!!!

…some time this month.

lols - you thought it was today, didn’t you? …APRIL FOOLS*!!! :smiley:

*P.S. It is currently April 1 where I am… we get it first.

Damn it, I fell for it.

Still March in the U.S.

Who needs official build when bmesh is in the trunk?

I think this image is more appropriate :stuck_out_tongue:
At least there was no autodesk reference!
BTW, you are in New Zealand- I would have thought it would take at least 24 hrs to post!

LOL - yeah definitely the case (jay), along with the price of hardware.

It’s now 10:24pm April 1st - what are the chances the forum still thinks it’s March? Nope? Oh well happy April 1st all. :slight_smile:

The early BMesh release could have helped this pillow designer avoid all the nasty tris in his design:

Happy April fools day everyone.
Enjoying Graphicall BMesh builds as I pace around like expectant father for the next BCon level…

Endi where are you?

Awesome. First time I was fooled today, hehe…

The worst joke today though, and I did not fall for it, was George Takei writing there would be a new Star Trek movie with the old cast produced by JJ Abrams, hehe… That would have been so awesome if it was real… xD

(but as Shatner & Nimoy are 80+ y.o, there’s just no chance for more movies :()

Haha! I was hoping there would be some april fools joke on BA. I was searching the forums and when I saw this I was like, yes!

Sounds great, but this is missing one key piece of information: how much does each of the courses cost?
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Are you guys planning on making this an annual thing?

It is a bit short notice this year (for me personally). But if it were on next year I’d plan early and attend as it sounds like a great experience.