Blender 2.63A does not start in Ubuntu 11.10


I installed the Blender 2.63A from the Ubuntu software center sometime ago and it has been working just fine.

Last weekend I was again rendering my project with the Cycles and for some reason this time the Blender crashed to the desktop.

Since that, the Blender does not start, not even after the uninstallation / intalltion routine.

Any ideas, how to fix this problem?

Thank you for your advance.

My old boss always used to say “errors are your friend”. Its true, they can tell you where the program crashed, and to a certain degree what you must do to fix it.

Try running Blender in the terminal. When it crashes what does the terminal say?

For some reason, I’ve never known Blender to work well when installed from the Ubuntu repository. Try Downloading Blender from the official website and unpack it manually to your machine.

@Rocketman… I got a question for yah… I have been using blender on Linux Mint 12 for a little while now… and started having problems with it with the 2.63 builds… Not being that experienced with Linux in general… (been using to run blender for about a year now) I have done as you suggest and dloaded and unpacked blender into a folder under my Home directory… that is … Home/MyProgs/blender-2.63a-linux-glibc27-i686/… and have been getting blender to run just by simply running it from a Desktop Link…

My problem begins when I try to run it in terminal as suggested by greyoxide… I get a “The program ‘blender’ is currently not installed.” message…
So how does one run Blender in Terminal if you have unpacked it manually? or am I missunderstanding how to properly unpack a program in linux?

You’ve done it right, @norvman. Your installation of Blender will run in the terminal; you just have to enter the full file path of the application.

You can make the command “blender” work if you create a symbolic link to blender and put it in the folder “/usr/bin/”.


In the terminal use cd to get you into the blender folder, then type ./blender the dot slash is needed to tell the shell “run blender from the current directory;” it took me a while to find out how to run it as coming from windows originally (and dos before that) linux command line runs slightly differently.