Blender 2.63a not out for Mac OS X?

Hello, I really don’t know where to ‘report’ this, so I’ll post it here, I recently noticed I still had 2.63, even though I downloaded 2.63a from I downloaded the one on the right, from this screenshot.
But when I open it, the splash screen says 2.63, not 2.63a. Did the devs forget about it? :frowning:

Splash Screen(shot):

If anyone could help to tell me who to report this to, I’d greatly appreciate it, thank you.

they didnt update the splash screen.
Its better to look for the revision # 46461 etc…
you can also get updated daily builds

The New out for OSX is 46566(couple days old)

Oh, thank you for the info, and thank you for the link. :slight_smile:

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