Blender 2.64 crashes at startup, MacBook Pro running 10.6.8, 32 bit

I can’t even start 'er up. It just instantly crashes. Any suggestions?


I’m having the same problem. Also running 2.64 on a 32-bit MacBook with 10.6.8

I still am unable to find any information on this. I have uninstalled and installed from other mirror sites, but all crash directly upon trying to open Blender.

I’m having this same issue.
OS X 10.6.8, current release of Blender from the website. Crashes right on startup no matter how many times I reinstall.
Very frustrating.

I’d suggest you at least supply some crash info. Is there anything showing in the console. Just saying it crashes is not much use for anyone who may want to help to try and find the reason/solution.

I would gladly give you info, but I really don’t know what you need. I look at the console after it fails and there are a ton of messages. I also get a crash report which is also very long. If you can tell me what you need, I will try to provide.

crash log

I’m getting the same problem. (iMac 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, System 10.6.8)

The crash log contains a heap of stuff similar to what elenewell posted, but if I launch Blender from the UNIX console then it quits with the following message:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘__gnu_cxx::__concurrence_lock_error’
what(): __gnu_cxx::__concurrence_lock_error
Abort trap

In case it’s of some use, here’s the crash log I get when I launch Blender in the usual way (by double clicking):

I’m getting the exact same problem with version 2.64a

Crash report:
Console error: terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘__gnu_cxx::__concurrence_lock_error’

If there are a few of us having the same problem, there have got to be more. I tried looking at the Blender bug report, couldn’t find the issue, couldn’t figure out how to post, couldn’t really figure how any of that works, to be honest. I’m really bummed; this is the first Blender version I can’t install.

2.64a crashed as well…here’s that crash report.

Seems i’am running into odd problems with gcc-4.6.3 openMP enabled builds on 32bit, did not yet found the real culprit.
For the moment i deliver substutute builds with apple gcc without openMP for checking, pls test:


Finally have a working 2.64a thanks to Jens in the bug report I made: