Blender 2.64a Linux doesn't see my GPU?

I installed Blenderbuntu on an SSD (Win7 is on the main HD) and then installed Blender release 2.64a 64bit for Linux.

The computer only boots to Blenderbuntu if I choose the SSD as the 1st boot device, otherwise boots to Win7.

Blender seem to run fine, but doesn’t give me the option to use my GPU (in preferences >system).

Any suggestions?


FYI, just found out that GPU renders are about the same on Windows or Linux…the speed advantage for Linux over Windows is
when using the CPU.

But good to know…will setup Linux (Blenderbuntu) on my 2 other non-cuda machines if it will cut render times by ~60%.

Still don’t know why Blender (in Blenderbuntu) doesn’t see the GPU, but guess it’s a moot point now. But will compare times
for CPU renders with Cycles/BI on Blenderbuntu vs CPU render times for Cycles/BI on Windows7 using the same CPU.