Blender 2.65 is out

Hello dear users

a fresh Blender is available!
The uncompressed directory weights now 183 MB???
Sign of the times?

Someone should dare to try it and tell us the results. Like how their games from older versions carry over and such. :wink:

and it has a annoying bug…zoom in and zoom out problems after you exit camera mode.

Ramps and other Things in the Node Editor seem to be rather logarithmic now instead of being linear. I am afraid this leads to Problems like the new Blender Version misinterpreting Materials, Grandients, Ramps and thus depicting Things like they shouldn’t be.
Why? Whyyy?!

Ouch. I hope that’s a bug that will be fixed rather than a permanent design decision…

Is it worse or better?

@ cam.dudes: There has nothing changed for the BGE except I think the Collision Masks for Physics Objects have not been in 2.63, not sure about 2.64. The Problem for me is that Materials/Ramps/Gradients are handled a Bit differently: Like the on Fire I have made, the Flames’ Alpha is clipped at a different Range so that in this Version they end in thick and deep red Borders. Or the new Version of my Dissolve Material to move at different Speeds now (it relies on a Greyscale-Image, so again it is about a Kind of Ramp or Grandient), also leading to when in my most recent Video I had the Sea Level of my Planet Earth with Dissolve-Effect on the Water, the Default Sea Level was 0.611 – this Value is now way too high, and when I dry the Sea out it takes longer for the Water to dissolve and when finally reaching the Vallies of the dried out Oceans the Dissolving Speed increases exponentially.
Maybe someone thought logarithmic Behaviour in general would be better than Liniarity by Default, but of Course that is totally impractical and really just destroys Things that have been made in earlier Versions.

Yeah, the size is getting scary large. Does anybody know why this is? I think I started noticing rapidly increasing sizes since 2.5x. Perhaps its the change to more Python-based UI code?

On a related note - am I crazy, or has the zoom behavior (CTRL+MMB) flipped direction? (in both 2.65 and 2.65a, on Ubuntu and Vista). I jump between different CAD programs and Blender all the time, so I may have gotten myself confused, but I swear I used to “pull down” to zoom in, but the default behavior has now reversed. This is easy to change in the preferences… but is it supposed to be this way?