Blender 2.65 is twitchy and blinky

Hi everyone,

I don’t have a better description other than to say Blender 2.65 is twitchy ( sometime need a command input 3 to 7 time before it works ) and blinky ( my monitor blinks almost any time the mouse is moved or I do any operation ).

My computer is high end, and less than two months old, I recently installed Bit Defender, a Driver Updater, and a Cleaner, so everything SHOULD be up to date. Blender 2.64 didn’t do the same thing.

Any suggestions how I can make 2.65 stable?


Try a different version at

Your computer being “high-end” doesn’t matter so much, what matters is the hardware in it. The graphical problems sound like driver issues, are you by any chance using an integrated intel graphics chipset? Intel graphics are known to cause problems in blender. Also Make sure you are using the newest drivers for your graphics card and motherboard chipset drivers.

You can also try changing the “Window Draw Method” in the User preferences (System tab).

Thanks OTO and gexwing,

I’ll give those things a try. The drivers should be absolutely up to date since I bought a program to make sure all my drivers are the latest available, and it updates my drivers weekly, or more often. 2.64 didn’t behave the same way, but I’m greedy for the latest version and features;-)-, some of the drivers have been updated since I last used 2.64, so if drivers are the issue, it may be the same in 2.64.